Through our guests’ stories, we aim to inspire current and future change agents who are creatives, entrepreneurs, researchers, or community leaders who are seeking inspiration and support around creative innovation — changing the ways we create, collaborate, engage, change lives, and build communities.

    Innovators and creators share stories of how they are changing the way that we create and reimagine in music, art, live events, virtual events, video, film, education, sciences, and social innovation.  Interviewed by long-time change agent and interviewer Dr. Gigi Louisa Johnson, guests discuss their journeys of how they became passionate about innovation and transform various creative and social change sectors.

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    Questions: How do we design for extreme conditions and resource challenges?  Is that for Mars or Earth? Guest: Alfredo Muñoz, Architect; Founder; Onteco; Founder, ABIBOO Studio; Chair for Memberships of […]
    Question: How can you build a rich creative life based on referrals and going out on a limb? Guest: Darryl Hurs, Owner/CEO, Indie Week; Managing Director, Downtown Canada; Director, Market […]
    Question: How do you connect independent artists and music business in India as a young woman? Guest: Ritnika Nayan, Managing Director, Downtown India; Owner: Music Gets Me High Ritnika Nayan […]
    Question: How can you build campfires, mixing music and social activism? Guest: Arturo O’Farrill, Founder, Artistic Director, Afro Latin Jazz Alliance; Professor, Global Jazz Studies, The UCLA Herb Alpert School […]
    Question:  What can you do with focus on drive in both toys and STEM?  And what can a persistent Shirin Salemnia do?  Guest: Shirin Laor-Raz Salemnia, Founder and CEO, WhizGirls Academy […]
    Question: How can life make better sense backwards? How can we weave together arts, spatial sound, architecture, and organizational change? Jeremy Yuille, with Meld Studios in Melbourne, Australia, works with […]
    Question:  How can we use Augmented Reality to enhance the practice of collaborative biology?  Guest: Ippolito Caradonna, Co-Founder/CEO, Aug Lab; Director, HoloPractice Ippolito Caradonna mixes his love for biology with […]
    Jeremy Sirota, Merlin Our first guest of Season 2 shares his tales of two loves: music and technology. His journey to Merlin includes early fandom in the Orange County punk […]
    Welcome to Season 2 of Creative Innovators. We’re going to have intriguing guests this season. Our question to you: Who inspires you? Who would you like to see on the […]
    Question: How do you decide what adventures to take in your nonlinear career?  What are intentional plans vs. accidents? Guest: Martin Atkins, Music Industries Coordinator, Millikin University; producer, drummer, documentary […]
    This was fun.  Your host, Gigi Johnson, has been speaking for college classes this past week and kept being asked to tell her/my story of the pivot points and non-linear […]
    Question: What if you could build a company around your passions? In this episode, David Hernandez shares how he is unlearning and relearning what he knows to create competition for […]
    Today starts the first segment of Tidbit Tuesday, which brings in parts of the Redesigning Your Creative Career program from What is a Creative Career? What are we talking […]
    Question: What if you could pursue the creative projects that you already saw in the world?  Guest: Beatie Wolfe, Singer, Songwriter, Technologist (Photo: Ross Harris) In this episode, Beatie Wolfe […]
    Starting next Tuesday, we'll be sharing parts of the career exploration programs to tie in with the non-linear career stories from each of these podcast interviews.   We'll be […]

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