Creative Innovators Podcast

    In the Creative Innovators podcast, innovators and creators share stories of how they create and reimagine.

    In each episode, host and change agent Gigi Johnson interviews a different changemaker from a wide range of industries, including creative industries, software, education, sciences, and social innovation. The guests share their stories of how they became passionate about innovation and how they have transformed their businesses and communities.


    We have the pleasure of sharing the adventures of Saraswathi “Vani” Balgam — from pioneering visual effects in India to founding her studio, Dancing Atoms, and mentoring future talents.  From her […]
    I’m joined by the multitalented Mark Brymer, a creative entrepreneur with hands-on expertise in turning musical concepts into spectacular shows. Mark brings a wealth of experience — from arranging a vast […]
    Today’s guest is a true pioneer in the burgeoning field of virtual reality theater: Deirdre V. Lyons. She’ll share her groundbreaking work in VR at the Ferryman Collective, such as her […]
    In this conversation, we are joined by a long-time innovator and entrepreneur in talent management — Harry Abrams. At the venerable age of 88, Harry reflects on a career where […]
    Mike Butera has gone on some intriguing journeys, connecting music performance passions, philosophy and sound studies, and tech to create new musical instruments for regular people to get into music. […]
    Jason Kramer shares his journey to being an EMT during the AIDS Epidemic, LA Riots, and Northridge Earthquake to Fox Sports to KLOS and KCRW. He talks about the magic […]