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    About Maremel

    Creative Leadership and Innovating

    Changing How We Work, Create, and Collaborate


    Maremel is a think tank, an educational multimedia producer, a creative tech lab, and an action research partner around social changes and technologies — all wrapped up in one place.

    We connect partners to the forefront of innovation and leadership across creative sectors, thanks to the diverse communities we work with and our President, Dr. Gigi Johnson.  We have been building programs, classes, and multimedia since 2004 to help creative leaders and new technology users embrace a bigger/better/smarter life with connected technology.

    In 2019, we launched the Center for Creative Futures to explore how technology impacts creative careers and work — locally and globally.  And in April 2020, we launched Amplify Music with 30+ partners and collaborators to connect 90+ speakers from around the world connecting their own communities in the face of COVID-19’s massive social disruption.  In August 2020, we launched the podcast “Creative Innovators with Gigi Johnson” to share the stories of transformation and innovation from a series of thought leaders and creators.

    We also are piloting a series of online creative career and skills programs with a variety of organizations and with our nonprofit partner Rethink Next.

    Enjoy one of our newer programs and let us know what other programs might be intriguing to co-create with your own communities.


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