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Academy of Management PDW – Organizations and the Future of Work

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Enjoy the World Cafe Professional Development Workshop at the Academy of Management.

Academy of Management PDW – Organizations and the Future of Work

Going to AOM – remote or in Seattle — August 2022?

Translating Theory into Practice: Organizations and the Future of Work (session 411)

Session: We’ll be collaborating on a hybrid interactive session for 2 hours.  You must be an AOM member for the year and registered to the conference to attend.

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Background: The framing of the “future of work” has grown in visibility and scope over the past few years. Researchers have been positing deep change impacts from the data- and machine-enmeshed transformations in work for many years (Keynes, 1930; Zuboff, 1988; Adler, 1992; Rifkin, 1995; Brynjolfsson & McAfee, 2012; Susskind & Susskind, 2015; Hodgson, 2016; Frey & Osborne, 2017, Daugherty & Wilson, 2018; Hirschi, 2018, Tschang & Albiral, 2019; Raisch & Karkowski, 2020; Schulte et al, 2020). Large consulting organizations have taken up the challenge, building full practice and research areas (PWC, 2014; Illanes et al, 2018; Schwartz et al, 2019). This PDW will be held as a hybrid session. It will be a collaboration between scholars and practitioners at both the in-person and virtual versions of the Academy of Management (AOM) Conference for 2022. We will examine the accelerating changes impacting three frames of work – the work, the workplace, and the people/systems — from different points-of-view. Using the World Cafe framework, participants will explore emergent change, frictions, and our own organizations. During this era of unprecedented instability, our core question will be how organizations and leaders can thrive in this changed landscape by embracing the future of work through new insights and capabilities.

Date August 6, 2022Time 11:30 am America/Los_AngelesVenue Google Map Link + Google MapOrganizer Academy of ManagementOrganizer Website View Organizer Website

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