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Many thanks for all the gatherers of wisdom working on collaborating on tools and resources.

For perspective: Our Zoom Pre-Flight Checklist and Things to Think About

Core Tools

Tools and Steps to Build Interaction

  • Feedback
  • Whiteboards
    • Available in some Videoconference tools, including Zoom
    • Adding student roles of Searching, Creating Context, Creating Wiki conversations (from Howard Rheingold’s work –
  • PowerPoint/Keynote alternatives
    • Mindmapping and unrolling the presentation and links
    • Prezi to move across and zoom in (and greenscreen yourself so it can appear on top of your image)
  • Audio environment additions
    • “Pre-show music” via Spotify or other playlist — set the tone for the meeting and conversation – let people come into the video space early to music and a graphic or whiteboard to sign in
      • UberConference has funny conference play-in music by default
    • Tones for shifting to next phase of a course – creating a routine or ritual
  • Student Pair/Shares and Co-Teaching each other
  • Remote guest speakers (in their fuzzy slippers from home!) via Zoom or other platforms; or record via Zoom or other at other times so they can be asynchronous guests
  • Group Annotation of the Web –
  • Shared bookmarking of resources –

Collaborative Space and Connection Options – larger list at Robin Good’s ZEEF amazing alternatives of Online Collaboration Tools –

  • Google Docs to co-write while using audio chat
  • Trello – project management – dashboard for online space links – plus a thoughtful guide on how to work together remotely
  • Slack – shared threaded collaboration and communication
  • Edmodo (LMS) – with collaboration space (closed Sept. 22, 2022)
  • Mighty Networks – social network spaces, including classes

Links to Master Lists

Insightful Thought Leaders

  • Howard Rheingold – – see also Peeragogy Project, and CI Collaboratory
  • Rena Palloff
  • Chris Argyris –
  • Bryan Alexander (@BryanAlexander) –
    • Future of Education Observatory –
    • Future Trends Forum –;
    • Patreon:
    • His recent pieces about “futuring” and pandemics –
  • Peter Block
    • Community: The Structure of Belonging – – “tackles the hysteric rise of isolation and fear in a digitally interconnected world
  • Donella Meadows
    • Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System –
    • Great visuals  –
  • Nafeez Ahmed
    • Coronavirus, Synchronous Failure, and the Global Phase-Shift –

Unique Thought Spaces