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In this Innovating Music podcast, we talk about disruptive technologies in music. Hosted by Gigi Johnson at the Maremel Institute’s Center for Creative Futures, we bring together unique voices from inside and outside of the music industry. As Kevin Kelly has been quoted to say, “The Future is Already Here — It’s just not evenly distributed.” Join us here to see where the future may already have landed.

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Jordy Freed from Sony Corporation of America shared his journey from jazz saxophone and building websites to public relations and marketing. Twists and turns took him to radio, Blue Note, […]
Michael Huppe, CEO of SoundExchange, fell in love with IP and came into music through law. He had played keyboard and trombone as a young person and ended up at […]
Dave Ratner moved from skiing to managing bands into law, and now works with creative companies out of Boulder, CO to understand how to maneuver so many different new opportunities […]
Many of our guests move on a nonlinear line between jobs and ideas.  Kevin in one of our few guests who has been with a single company — CD Baby […]
Jessica’s journey — what a ride!  Music change agent Jessica Powell shares her Roads Taken, ranging from following a now-ex boyfriend across countries to using her languages at CISAC and […]
We are in post-production on new episodes, so our host, Gigi Johnson, shared a story about “Postcards” and Postcard Moments that has come up in prior episodes and in many […]
Bruno shares his saga from playing the drums and enjoying international music, mixing songs and culture from Tunisia, France, and LA. Those facets led to studying at UCLA Ethnomusicology, becoming a […]
[Enjoy our podcast this week that we share with our sister Maremel Network podcast, Creative Innovators.] Dick Huey claims that his career jumps have been “educated luck.”  “Because they they […]
Morgan Hayduk initially aimed for basketball and law — and thank goodness kept going into building new tools and working with large organizations to fight fraud and manipulation in streaming […]
Enjoy this final episode where Jack Conte blends the worlds of music creation (Pomplamoose and  Scary Pockets) and solving creators’ problems with systems (crowdfunding and community with Patreon).  He shares […]

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