The Futures Lab

The Futures Lab

Welcome to The Futures Lab.  We are launching Futures programming — events, programs, and media — that will help organizations and individuals explore and build alternate futures together.  

I Never Knew I was Supposed to Only Do One Thing. . . with Arabian Prince

In this episode, Arabian Prince shares the rest of the story — both before and after working with NWA. He shares how he got started with tech, entrepreneurship, and music creation at a young age. He talks with Gigi about how he taught himself new gaming and creative technologies, and how he brings that energy to his many current adventures.

Composers of Tomorrow . . . with Akira Nakano

In this episode, Akira Nakano takes us through his journeys in piano performance, music composition, video editing, and starting a non-profit.  These led to the launch of the LA Inception Orchestra, which works with youth and composers to launch Composers of...

Trust Your Calling . . . with Christopher Hope

In this episode, Christopher Hope shares his journey to found The Loop Lab in Cambridge, MA.  He learned through DJing, community service, religious studies, and partnering with local organizations to deliver a unique blend of higher education, apprenticeships, and...