SXSWedu 2021

Panelpicker 2021

Tectonic Mergers: Frictions in Music Education

Formal music education remains regressive, focused on replication rather than innovation. Non-profits had stepped into the gap, embracing modern music-making and industry readiness. The pandemic’s tectonic shift to virtual creative technologies has disrupted both traditional and non-traditional teaching. Will virtual and non-traditional strategies connect these worlds post-pandemic?  Will these disruptive additions help us merge into more pluralist instructional approaches?

Video from AmplifyMusic2020:

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine the recurring narrative focused on past repertoire and pedagogical approaches dominating academic music education.
  • Explore how the omnipresent technology tools used in music are redefining the nature of musicianship and may threaten formal music education
  • Examine some existing disruptive models of music instruction and how these lead to active engagement amateur and professional music making.


Gigi Louisa Johnson, EdD

Frank Heuser, Professor, Music Education, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

David Sears, VP, Education, Grammys in the Schools

Akira Nakano, President, CEO, and Artistic Director, LA Inception Orchestra