Center for Creative Futures

Center for Creative Futures

We invite you to explore possible futures of creative industry communities with us — through events, workshops, research, writings, media, and experiences.

Our Areas of Research Focus

  • Why are creative and social changes increasing around music and other cultural media?
  • How do we create together and separately based on these shifts?
  • How can we understand how others are re-crafting the business and community around us?  Are we taking active or passive roles?  Can we take more active roles?
  • How do these changes affect us as people?  How and where we work?  Our assumptions on creative tools?  Our assumptions about how we consume and are changed by music?  Our assumptions on how to study and teach it?
  • What are the ethical and critical implications of new musical distribution systems and technologies?
  • How can we re-understand local music and global systems?
  • How are shifts affecting music rippling through other sectors, changing how we experience—and expect to experience and create—culture and content?  How might music be a Bellwether to other sectors?
  • How is the power shifting around music?  What changes can we make NOW that will change music in 5, 10, even 25 years?

Past and Future Events

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