How Interface Design Matters . . . with Mike D’Errico

May 04, 2016

Mike D’Errico, a doctoral candidate at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, shared his expansive thoughts on user interface design and the social context of innovating music. He discussed tensions and biases in user interface design and thoughts on integrating performers into the development of interfaces for new instruments.

Mike shared thoughts on the next technologies in music creation and the nature of the future recording studio.

Our Guest: Mike D’Errico, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

Note: Mike now is the Music Department Chair, Director of Music Technology and Composition, at Albright College, Reading, PA

Michael D’Errico is a unique voice in this podcast — researcher, designer, and electronic musician. His realms of work are wide: hip-hop and electronic dance music, popular music and technology, video games and multimedia art, and sound studies. He was a Ph.D. candidate in the UCLA Department of Musicology and the Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate Program. Other projects include an ethnography of hip-hop and electronic dance music communities in Los Angeles, sound design for the RomeLab virtual world project, and the construction of Notes—a music and multimedia annotation app. From Boston to Los Angeles, he has performed as a DJ, drummer, and electronic musician for various experimental music acts.


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