Connecting the Music World: Portia Sabin, Music Business Association

June 28, 2020

This week on the Innovating Music Podcast, we talk with Music Business Association President, Portia Sabin about the ways in which the music business is connected as a community. We discuss her journey through the music industry from performing as an artist to running a record label. We also look at other aspects of the music business and how they have been affected in light of the pandemic. This includes trade associations and their advantages for independent labels especially during the pandemic, and other ways in which cities can centralize their local music businesses to connect the music community at large.


Guest: Portia Sabin, President of Music Business Association

Dr. Portia Sabin is the President of the Music Business Association.  While working on her Ph.D. at Columbia University, she played drums, recorded, and toured with NYC band The Hissyfits. She founded Shotclock Management in 2004 and took over running the legendary independent label, Kill Rock Stars, in 2006. She is the host of a radio show and podcast about the music business called The Future of What. Sabin is a former board member of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of The Recording Academy, the RIAA, and the American Association of Independent Music (A2IM).  


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