Welcome to the 2020 launch of the new podcast, Creative Innovators with Gigi Johnson. Gigi engages with innovators and creators who are changing the way that we create and reimagine in music, art, live events, virtual events, video, film, education and social innovation. Guests share their work and personal stories of how they became passionate about innovation and transformation in various creative and social change sectors.

​This podcast will inspire current and future change agents who are creatives, entrepreneurs, researchers, and/or community leaders who are seeking inspiration and support.  We’ll expand your ideas of creative innovation — changing the ways we create, collaborate, engage, and build communities.

​Major themes:

  • Nonlinear journeys that eventually make sense and change the change agent
  • Different approaches and view of our changing world
  • Transformation of different ways of seeing and wanting to rebuild differently
  • New creative technologies — how tech is changing how and with whom we create and collaborate
  • Whole new uses and systems for data about creations, creators, and audiences
  • Ways that cities and local ecosystems are changing and needing to change around live performance and community
  • New systems for rights management in a streaming-led world
  • New international patterns transforming genres, stories, and community