Creative Innovators Podcast

“Creative Innovators with Gigi Johnson” is getting ready to launch Season 2 of this 40-minute audio/video interview podcast.  Innovators and creators share stories of how they are changing the way that we create and reimagine in music, art, live events, virtual events, video, film, education, and social innovation. 

Past and Future Events

Join our own events and those with partners.

Digital Entertainment Academy

We are gearing up to launch the Digital Entertainment Academy in early 2022. This virtual space will be a place for inspiration, learning, teaching, skill-building and reskilling, and connecting around the world.

Amplify Music

Amplify Music’s mission is to bring together diverse music leaders and creators to learn and share from local artists, venues, creative communities, and support networks to address the challenges of COVID-19.


About Maremel

Creative Leadership and Innovating

Changing How We Work, Create, and Collaborate


Maremel is a think tank, an educational multimedia producer, a creative tech lab, and an action research partner around social changes and technologies — all wrapped up in one place.

We connect partners to the forefront of innovation and leadership across creative sectors, thanks to the diverse communities we work with and our President, Dr. Gigi Johnson.  We have been building programs, classes, and multimedia since 2004 to help creative leaders and new technology users embrace a bigger/better/smarter life with connected technology.

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