Slightly Against the Grain . . . with Carlo, Ben, and Josh from Indie-Pop

Slightly Against the Grain . . . with Carlo, Ben, and Josh from Indie-Pop

Enjoy the tales of Carlo Fox, Ben Willis, and Josh Andriano working together as the three-partner independent music management company leadership team running Indie-Pop.  After meeting when Josh and Ben married sisters (no longer in the picture), they formed Indie-Pop and have learned to work together making decisions about talent, investment, and growth . . . and now in starting a new independent music label,  They discuss future rights flow in building generational wealth for artists and their reasons for launching a new label in these streaming times.  They close with how their lockdown experiences have made them see their daily lives and spend their time in a new way — rethinking family, health, relationships, and travel.

Guests: Carlo Fox, Co-Founder and CEO; Ben Willis, Co-Founder and Strategic  Relations, and Joshua Andriano, Co-Founder and Head of New Talent, Indie-Pop and

Carlo Fox: Carlo came into Indie-Pop as the social media whiz and now is CEO and co-lead of both companies.  

Ben Willis: An executive and entrepreneur with over two decades of music-business experience, Ben Willis is forging a new path for artists who defy the confines of pop convention. He’s devoted much of his career to identifying left-of-center talent with a potentially massive appeal, then incubating that talent in order to foster both artistic integrity and long-lasting success.

Joshua Andriano: Josh is a former DJ turned former entertainment attorney turned co-founder.  He is a New York Law School graduate who shifted into music in 2008 and is now Indie-Pop and Independent Co-Founder and Partner.

Indie-Pop: Founded in 2008, Indie-Pop had its first triumph with The Cataracs (a hip-hop duo they helped propel to multi-platinum status) and later helped build the career of rapper/singer/songwriter KYLE (whose Indie-Pop-released hit “iSpy” went six-times-platinum). With Indie-Pop’s roster including global artists like Malaysian singer/songwriter Yuna, the team now co-launching Independent—a record-label solution offering all the creative benefits of autonomy while securing exceptionally fair and financially compelling deals for each artist.



Innovation is Messy . . . with Jack Conte

Innovation is Messy . . . with Jack Conte

Jack Conte

Jack Conte blends the worlds of music creation (Pomplamoose and the funk band Scary Pockets) and solving creators’ problems with systems (crowdfunding and community with Patreon).  He shares how he balances (or doesn’t balance at times) creating music with running a large tech business.  He also shares what he has learned, how his companies have shifted with the work-from-home world shift, and how he has changed/staffed his own creative processes in this distributed era.  His career journey has been an interesting mingling of music and science/technology, all the way back to his science teacher who got him interested (who he still connected with monthly over Costco pizza). 

Guest: Jack Conte, CEO and Co-founder of Patreon; band member of Pomplamoose and Scary Pockets

Jack Conte is a musician, filmmaker, half of band Pomplamoose and Scary Pockets, and a co-founder at Patreon, a membership platform that makes it easy for creators to earn salaries directly from their biggest fans. Patreon was founded in 2013, and is on track to pay out more than $500 million to creators in 2019 alone.

As a musician and filmmaker, Jack spent his days in a converted dog kennel-turned-recording studio in Sonoma County, making YouTube videos that have amassed over 120 million views. Now, he’s in full-time CEO mode at Patreon HQ in San Francisco where the company is paying millions of dollars to creators every month around the world. Jack also loves working with robots.


Livestreaming and Live Connecting . . . with Dmitri Vietze

Livestreaming and Live Connecting . . . with Dmitri Vietze

A year ago, Dmitri Vietze launched a new thought leadership conference on music technology in Los Angeles and had to move it with one day’s notice.  This year, he has moved his whole thought leadership with Music Tectonics online with virtual conferences and community gatherings.  He shares his thoughts on crisis-driven shifts to music livestreaming, expanding new releases, and digital access, along with tidbits on intriguing companies in this current listen-from-home era.   

Guest: Dmitri Vietze, CEO and Founder, rock paper scissors

Dmitri Vietze is the Founder and CEO of rock paper scissors, inc. It was his crazy idea to transform a global music PR firm into what has become a predominant music tech PR firm. Dmitri is a regular presenter at SXSW Music, SF MusicTech, Music Biz, APAP, and WOMEX. He is also the founder and CEO of He has a jaw harp collection, can juggle five balls, and has a titanium leg.




Blending the University at SXSWedu

Thanks to all who attended our 9 am presentation on March 6, 2013 at SXSWedu in Austin, TX, on Blending the University.  We had a full house of 125 seats plus folks tucked along the back wall.  We also had a robust conversation on the question of organizational challenges with blended learning design during the session and following throughout the day.

Please enjoy and share the presentation.

Week of Publishing Change in a Season of Educational Transformation

We’re getting busier and busier around educational technology change with many higher education organizations now.  In this season of MOOCs (“massively open online courses”) and other education innovation announcements, I am focusing with many organizations on how to plan educational design with all of this output.  How do we syndicate and create multiple use streams?  How do we interact with publishing companies and other universities with all of this multimedia content?  How do we collaborate and re-purpose what can otherwise be expensive limited use content?

Although technology has helped with the interaction of students that are far away from the campus, with now online available classes and many other advantages, you can even opt to apply for the mba scholarships in usa, and take advantage of all the great benefits that come with it, not only money wise but you will be able to have your career with one of the best education systems.

At least one university we’re working with is rethinking their academic publishing arm — what can we do with all of this media being produced in MOOCs and blended course environments?This week, I’m heading to the O’Reilly Tools of Change conference to think about how multimedia distribution might fold into all this expanded production in higher education.