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About the Podcast

“Creative Innovators with Gigi Johnson” is a new weekly 40-minute audio/video interview podcast.  Innovators and creators share stories of how they are changing the way that we create and reimagine in music, art, live events, virtual events, video, film, education, and social innovation.  Interviewed by long-time change agent and interviewer Dr. Gigi Louisa Johnson, guests discuss their journeys of how they became passionate about innovation and transform various creative and social change sectors.


  • Weekly, 40-minute, remote interview
  • Audio + Video recorded (for YouTube)
  • Interviews with guest(s) about their non-linear career journeys and major decisions

Mission Statement:

Through our guests’ stories, we aim to inspire current and future change agents who are creatives, entrepreneurs, researchers, or community leaders who are seeking inspiration and support around creative innovation — changing the ways we create, collaborate, engage, and build communities.

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