Creative Innovators

Guest Information


About Us:
We are launching in 2020 to explore how technology impacts all areas of music, and talk with many innovators from all sorts of walks of life, US and international, creator and technologist, public policy wonks, and multimedia gurus.   We release it approximately every 2 weeks.  
We record audio and video in Streamyard, with Zoom and Zencastr as a backup.   
We record for about an hour, with about 10 minutes of pre-air conversation about how the show runs and to get approvals for recording on the recording itself.  The conversation moves across the guest’s own life as a creative innovator and explores different routes and rabbit holes until we stop at around 30-45 minutes of recorded content. 
Downloads and streams vary by episode.  Most listening is within the first week of release, but we find episodes heard and discovered more than a year later across the platforms. 

Before and During Recording:

Locations and Equipment:
We have found that a cellphone or laptop mike provide less-than-optimal sound recordings, as well as do their own audio edits and cut off beginnings and ends of phrases. 
Link: Scheduling a Zoom Podcast Time:
Some guests have listened to prior episodes, though that is not required.  We assume that listeners may not have listened to prior episodes, so we may call back to the content in the recorded conversations. 
Including/Excluding Topics:
We do not pre-approve or vet questions ahead of time.  If there are things you want to make sure we cover or don’t cover, please let us know beforehand or at the start of the session. 
Removal of inadvertent inclusions:
At the start of the session, we’ll discuss how you can stop us if you say something you would like us to remove, and we’ll ask again at the end of the session. 

Release and Marketing

Bio and Photo
We need a clear 1-2 paragraph biography and a high-resolution photo for marketing and web materials.  We also can share links and social media that you would like to include in its distribution. 
We usually release the podcast 1-2 weeks after recording on a Monday.  We will share with you the social media links when they are distributed (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).  We use Blubrry, which distributes our podcast to  Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Overcast, Stitcher, TuneIn, Pandora, app, Google Play, YouTube and our own website.

email  Day of show: 626-603-2420